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Birmingham's leading Security Business

TGF Security is a market-leading Guard Business in Birmingham, offering expert, SIA certified security personnel to match your needs throughout the West Midlands.

Whether you're a small company or a big organisation, we take pride in protecting, securing and providing comfort to businesses throughout the West Midlands.

Although Birmingham houses a handful of security firms and security companies, TGF security stands apart through our dedication to a wide variety of security services-- leading us to win lots of awards throughout the years. Contact us today for a complimentary no obligation quote, customized exactly to your requirements. Certified security personnel companyAccredited through SafeContractor, CHAS, Constructionline and SMAS Service accreditation is essential for consumer piece of mind. As such, TGF Security is ICO and SSIP accredited and has been health and safety authorized through SafeContractor, CHAS, Constructionline and SMAS. This prepares our guards for working safely and securely across many sectors-- permitting them to offer the very best service for your business.

We provide a wide range of award-winning security services in Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands. These consist of: manned securing, key holding and alarm action, mobile security patrols, CCTV tracking, construction security, business security, industrial security, logistics security, public sector security, retail security and more.Thus, if you remain in search of security in the public sector, building, corporate sector, commercial sector, logistics & circulation or retail, call us today.Due to our mindful vetting procedure, and award-winning standards TGF Security uses some of the best guard in Birmingham and the West Midlands' security sector.Our completely uniformed, credible gatekeeper are ready to be dispatched across the West Midlands for short- or long-lasting tasks-- while also being readily available at short notice to fulfil any last minute security requirements.What occurs if you employ an inexperienced security guard who gets scared and mistakenly shoots the wrong individual? If they work for your company, you're lawfully responsible for anything that happens as a result of their actions. Even asking the incorrect person to leave your premises could lead to a lawsuit.Part of your legal responsibility likewise means guaranteeing you have appropriate insurance coverage. A security guard's job threatens and you will need higher insurance protection rates to safeguard them and your business.Contracting security indicates all of the legal implications are taken care of. The security company takes complete responsibility of their guards' actions together with factoring in insurance coverage expenses into the contract itself.

2. Cost EffectiveThe average security guard earns $12.93 per hour according to the BLS. In Atlanta, GA, the Visit the website average is somewhat more at $13.81 per hour. Obviously, this is simply the hourly wage. This does not include any advantages, such as getaway, unemployment, insurance, retirement, employee's compensation, etc.If you hire in-house security guards, you're also responsible for ensuring they fulfill all the fundamental requirements for being a security guard, such as correct training. You'll be required to pay for a background check and pay extra training as required or required by your state.

In Georgia alone, the list of basic training requirements is comprehensive. However, if you contract your security from a respectable security firm, all of this is managed for you. You do not have to worry if the guards are appropriately trained or experienced. At BOS Security, we have actually thoroughly picked each guard and provided all the required training and more.Your organization saves cash by working with a company versus internal security. You do not have to pay for benefits, training or background checks. It's all included in the contract rate, which is less than you 'd spend for private workers.

3. Constant Training Security guards don't just train as soon as and they're done. While everybody may hope the worst never ever happens, it can and does. This is why security guards require consistent training. This keeps the guards sharper and more efficient. For internal guards, you'll be responsible for guaranteeing they have time off to attend training sessions along with paying for the training. This indicates you'll also need backup guard. For contracted security, guards are trained during their off hours or you're sent replacements while the others train.

4. Quick Replacements What happens if your security personnel gets sick?®ion=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/security company birmingham You can't simply change them without working with additional personnel. This means your organization can't simply work with one security guard. You'll need at least two, though 3 is most likely best to guarantee you have at least one guard on duty at all times.If you contracted your security, you'll be sent a replacement guard momentarily till the other guard is well once again. You'll never ever be without the set number of guards in your agreement. This also makes contracting security more cost effective as you constantly get what you pay for and much more.

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